CEO & Co-founder of Institute of Golf

Craig Dixon - SeeMore Putter Advisors   

Craig Dixon is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Institute of Golf. His vision and direction has seen the Institute of Golf grow into what has become a leading industrial pioneer in its field. 

The concepts and philosophies have made Craig one of New Zealand’s leading coaches with his client list naming many of New Zealand’s leading professional and amateur players.

The training methods utilised by Craig and his team are congruent to the design and methodologies that make the SeeMore putting range a leading brand within the golf market.

SeeMore New Zealand is please to name Craig as the team leader for our advisory panel and welcomes his knowledge base to help our clients become better putters.

        Craig Dixon’s Qualifications Include:

·     Level four Institute of Golf Certified Instructor

·     Class AAA member of the New Zealand Professional Golfers Association

·     Advisory Board member for New Zealand Special Olympics

·     Certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming including time line therapy with the American Board of Neuro Linguistics.

·     SeeMore Putter Advisory Staff Member

·     Certified in CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting

·     Level Two Kinetic Swing Certification

·     Certified TPI Golf Fitness Instructor.

·     PGA Trainee teaching Assessor

·    Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology

Director of Instruction


Guy Wilson-  SeeMore Putter Advisors

Guy Wilson is the Director of Instruction for the Institute of Golf. His role within the company provides a pivotal role in educating, overseeing and running of the ever expanding the Coaching and Golf related departments.

His ability to apply his wealth of knowledge of the putting stroke and SeeMore concepts provide users of SeeMore putters the opportunity to improve using his skills and training methods.

SeeMore New Zealand welcomes Guy onto the Advisory panel.

Guy Wilson’s Qualifications include:

·       Level four Institute of Golf Certified Instructor,

·       Class AAA member of the New Zealand Professional Golfers Association

·       SeeMore Putter Advisory Staff Member

·       Certified in Crossfit Olympic Weight Lifting

·       Level Two Kinetic Swing Certification

·       Certified TPI Golf Fitness Instructor.

·       Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology

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